David S. Alavi, PhD
Registered Patent Agent

Patent Drawings

I can generate PTO-acceptable drawings for most patent applications using computer-aided- design (CAD) software and a laser printer. I usually prepare patent drawings as part of a patent application, but I also prepare patent drawings as a separate service.

Key Benefits


Patent drawings prepared as part of an application
As part of the preparation of your patent application, I prepare the drawings required to adequately disclose your invention. The drawings are prepared as PTO-acceptable formal drawings. These may include a number of different views, including plan, elevation, perspective, section, exploded, and detail views. Each view incorporates reference characters to label various elements of your invention, and these reference characters are referred to in the written portions of the application. Different embodiments of your invention may be depicted in separate drawings. Drawings of relevant prior art may also be included when helpful to distinguish your invention. Concurrent preparation of the drawings along with the application by the same person (i.e., me) insures complete consistency between the drawings and the application, and adequate support of the application by the drawings.
Patent drawings prepared independently
If an application has already been prepared and/or filed, I can prepare PTO-acceptable formal drawings to conform to and support the application, as described above.
Patent drawings prepared from CAD files
If you already have drawings prepared using CAD software (such as AutoCad), I can import the files in their native format (.dwg, .dxf) and make the modifications required to produce PTO-acceptable formal drawings. This results in significant reductions of time and cost to produce the drawings.
Patent drawing modifications
Since all drawings are prepared using CAD software and stored digitally, subsequent modification of the drawings can be made quickly and with minimal additional cost. Modifications are charged at the standard hourly rate, but I do not charge for modifications required by the PTO merely to meet standards for formal drawings.


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